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Rigid Packaging for Machinery & Parts

Rigid boxes are thick boxes that are known for thier structural strength and ability to protect the contents. Therefore, it considered as a way effective way protective industrial product as well.

While that said, production of rigid boxes is also eco-friendly and can be designed with or without the design frills, which makes a beautiful packaging. the benefits of rigid packaging here are multiple, as now the packaging is eco-friendly, cost effective (no assembly time & easy stacking) and makes a good impression about your product.

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  • The rigid boxes market is expected to grow globally by 7% on YOY 2020-2024, currently estimated at about US$1,511,112m in 2020.
  • The markets largest segment is beer with a market volume of US$ 585,286m in 2020.
  • In India, the market has grown 140% from 2005 to 2016. 
  • Rising middle class with increase spending power are reasons behind this growth in the market.


  • Production Manager
    One of the best decisions I've had to make was to trust Luxpacking and move our entire production from China to India. Their quality is at par with global packaging standards. This single decision has allowed us to eliminate inventory, save import costs, and most importantly time.
    Production Manager
    Celkon Mobiles

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We employ the latest machinery to produce stunning results in the fastest turnaround time possible. Our specialty is to deliver custom designs for both low and high volumes.

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Since our start, we have worked with dozens of industries and individuals packaging exquisite chocolates, whiskies, diamonds and personal artifacts such as belts, pendants and cuff links. We specialize in Mobile boxes and have served multiple brands. Our clientele include firms in India, Americas, Australia, UK , and several European countries.

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