We’ve got you covered if your need is a rigid box.

Brand Identity and Marketing

One of the core functions of packaging is to establish a strong brand identity. First timers experiencing your product will be drawn to the packaging design. It is our goal to enable that experience happen by choosing the right materials, the right fit and budget that could enable both the packaging and placement perfectly aligned.


Our goal is to iteratively develop what works best for you and the product. When it comes to packaging, several things come into play. The type of board, thickness, strength, form factor, dimensions, paper quality, printing, embellishments and the list goes on. To get this right, we need to work with you and the product to find what’s right. Together, we will.

Box Models
& Range

  • Rectangular Boxes
  • Slipcases
  • Book Case
  • Knockdown Bases and Lid
  • Paneled and Hinged Boxes with magnetic closure
  • Drawer Boxes
  • Boxes with Sleeves
  • Presentation Packaging
  • Promotional Packaging
  • Welcome Kits
  • Brochure car/Invitation card boxes and more …

Boxes for
Industry Verticals

  • Mobiles
  • Wearables , Information Technology
  • Wines and Liquor, Spirits & Beverage
  • Sweets/Chocolates
  • Fashion & Clothing/Lifestyle products
  • Luxury products like watches, Perfumes
  • Leather accessories like Belts, Wallets etc
  • Jewelry
  • FMCG Packaging – Coffee & Tea Boxes
  • Tobacco ( Cigar boxes )
  • Automotive and more …


We Love What We Do

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We are Luxpacking

We are a majority women-owned, women-run firm from Hyderabad, India. We started our journey in 2011 and since then have had the pleasure to organically grow into a firm that delivers stunning packaging design and carefully crafted rigid boxes.

We employ the latest machinery to produce stunning results in the fastest turn around time possible. Our speciality is to deliver custom designs for both low and high volumes. Our singular aim is to collaboratively develop packaging that protects the product, elevates the brand and delivers a stunning unboxing experience.

Since our start, we have worked with dozens of industries and individuals packaging exquisite chocolates, whiskies, diamonds and personal artifacts such as belts, pendants and cuff links. We specialize in Mobile boxes and have served multiple Indian brands. Our clientele include firms in Americas, Australia, UK , and several European countries.

Our biggest success is in our ability to employ women whose income lights up lives and makes an immense difference in their livelihoods. We have been mentored by Goldmans Sachs 10K Womens, UN Womens Development Program and lauded to build for-profit business employing under-priviledged women.


Luxpacking has customers in several verticals

  • Chocolate
  • Alchohol
  • Birthday
  • Mobile
  • Diamonds
  • Watch
  • Production Manager
    One of the best decisions I've had to make was to trust Luxpacking and move our entire production from China to India. Their quality is at par with global packaging standards. This single decision has allowed us to eliminate inventory, save import costs, and most importantly time.
    Production Manager
    Celkon Mobiles